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Maintenance solution
for your printer.
Cleaning solutions for
Mimaki, Mutoh, Roland,
Hewlett Packard, Epson,
and other
UV-Curable printers.
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Wide Format Equipment Service

What’s New

Grafx Network welcomes another  technician in Maryland, DC area for HP service.,

Check out the Pantone Color Mobile App.  This is great for color matching especially if you want to use your smart phone to find the CMYK values.

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We will help you get rid of your equipment that you want to upgrade. - Click Here

We are looking for a technician in the Phoenix, Az.  area.  Interested?

Tip of the Month

It's time to clean your rollers on your printer.  Really?  Yes, this is true.  Ink, dust, and even adhesive have been building possibly for years.  If  your rollers are not clean you will have issues with tracking and puckering on the material.  Take an hour or so with foam swabs, and adhesive remover to clean off the build up off your rollers.  Be careful not to use Isopropyl alcohol in excess as it will dry out the rollers over time.   If you clean the rubber using a product like Martin Yale® Rubber Roller Cleaner you will rejuvenate the rollers.

-November 2012


“Your survey doesn’t do

  justice to how highly

  I regard Glenn and

   Trent for the things they

  have done for us.”


  Signs By Tomorrow

“I’m extremely pleased with the work & the professionalism of your Tech.  It has been a wonderful experience dealing with your company all the way through. I can not say enough about Your tech and his work. The parts were here before 10:30 and he arrived shortly after. I look forward to future dealings with your company.”

Thank You,


Visionary Sales Environments

“Thanks so much for the service work today on my Mimaki printer! Martin did an awesome job and I couldn't be more pleased!   I will definitely call you in the future when the need arises.”


Signs Express

“We wanted to write and tell you what a great tech you sent to us. He was very knowledgeable and professional and a genuinely nice person. It was a pleasure having him in here to help us out.”


Jill Gardner

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